The Impact of an IRA Contribution

If Austin Perez hadn't received a scholarship, he would have to work full-time while also attending CPCC as a mechanical engineering student. But due to a donor's IRA rollover contribution, part of Austin's tuition is covered and he can experience CPCC fully including the college's MAN UP and STEM Alliance programs, as weAustin Perezll as its state-of-the-art engineering program.

"The generosity of CPCC's donors allows students like me to earn an education that will one day lead to a better way of life. There is endless goodness that comes from giving."

IRA rollover contribution
In December 2015, Congress passed legislation permanently extending tax benefits for seniors age 70½ or older. The new law allows you to roll over up to $100,000 from an IRA directly to a qualified nonprofit such as CPCC without increasing your taxable income. The rollover gift also satisfies the required minimum distribution for the year.

Benefits of an IRA contribution are threefold:
• You can fulfill charitable year-end gifts from RMD without increasing taxable income.
• These tax-free rollover gifts can be $1,000, $10,000 or any amount up to $100,000.
• Your gift ensures educational opportunities for CPCC students.

For more information on making an IRA contribution, contact Brenda Lea at 704.330.6869.

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