Campaign Priorities

The campaign priorities ensure the college's ability to be singularly focused on the success of its students.

Removing Financial Barriers and Expanding Access to Opportunities

Throughout its history, Central Piedmont has been a place of opportunity and transformation. The college equips individuals with the education and skills needed to enhance their lives. Powering a Stronger Future will secure $15 million to invest in scholarships that make the college an accessible, transformational resource for students with financial need. Scholarships, such as the Opportunity and Presidential Scholarships, plant seeds for meaningful change in the lives of individuals, families, and communities today and for generations to come.

Powering a Stronger Future provides support to expand the college's Student Emergency Fund which serves as a critical resource for low-income, at-risk students. The fund addresses the obstacles to persistence and completion faced by students at Central Piedmont by providing one-time grants to assist with emergencies and unexpected expenses, including those related to housing, food, utilities, transportation, child care, and medical care.

$15 million

  • Scholarships
  • Student Emergency Fund

$9.5 million

  • Summer Bridge
  • Academic and Career Advising and Mentoring
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Out-of-Classroom Experiences
  • Disability Services

Supporting Student Success, Equity,
and Engagement

As an open-door institution, Central Piedmont strives to provide its diverse student body with the tools and support services necessary to facilitate success. The college is the most significant access point to postsecondary education and focused career training for the greater Charlotte community and traditionally under-resourced student populations. This includes access to Summer Bridge, the college's highly-successful academic enrichment program which prepares under-resourced, first-generation students for the academic and social challenges of higher education. The campaign broadens the college's academic and career advising capacity, reducing the advisor-to-student ratio to provide for easier and more frequent access to essential advising services.

To foster the growth of students, Powering a Stronger Future supports leadership development opportunities that engage students in structured programming and connects them to mentors and role models from the community. The campaign offers opportunities for students to engage in out-of-classroom experiences, including internships, service learning, and study abroad which are financially inaccessible for the majority of the college's students. Additionally, the campaign positions the college to provide an equitable, supportive, and adaptive educational environment.

Ensuring Instructional Excellence
and Relevance

Powering a Stronger Future strengthens Central Piedmont's ability to provide the relevant education and hands-on learning experiences that equip students for productive, meaningful lives and position them to contribute to the growth and vitality of the region.

The campaign provides the requisite resources to attract and retain outstanding classroom faculty and content experts--instructors who are invested in the success of their students in the classroom and beyond. In addition, the campaign enables the college to establish a Center for Teaching and Learning that supports professional development to ensure that faculty knowledge and skills are at the highest levels to meet the evolving educational and training needs of students.

The college will be better positioned to deliver and develop vibrant instructional programs with current technology that prepares students to meet today's workforce demands. 

$9.5 million

  • Faculty Support
  • Center for Teaching and Learning
  • New Program Development
  • Strengthening & Expanding High Demand Programs
  • Instructional Equipment and Resources

$5 million

  • Accelerated Career Training
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Strategic Workforce Partnerships

Fostering Economic Mobility and Responding to Community Needs

Central Piedmont is integral to creating pathways to self-sufficiency and economic mobility. Powering a Stronger Future furthers the college's ability to serve as an engine of change for Charlotte's most under-resourced and fragile populations, fostering a stronger, more equitable, and inclusive community.

One initiative to be strengthened through the campaign is the college's Accelerated Career Training Program which provides short-term, career-focused training that leads to employment for adults who reside in Charlotte's least economically mobile neighborhoods. Additionally, philanthropic investment permits the college to expand its capacity to prepare qualified early childhood teachers, thereby extending greater access to educational opportunities and a stronger foundation for young children in Mecklenburg County. Powering a Stronger Future facilitates the creation of business and industry partnerships to deliver focused, specific skills training to low-income individuals which create opportunities for meaningful employment and economic mobility while addressing pressing workforce needs.

Responding to Present
and Emerging Needs

Powering a Stronger Future engages support at all levels to provide the college with the resources required to respond to the current and evolving priorities and needs of its students and the community. Increasing participation in and growing contributions to the Central Piedmont Annual Fund help sustain the college's essential operations and provide students with the resources and services that ensure their success.

Expendable annual gifts allow for innovation and the creation of new programs benefitting students and furthering community engagement. The Central Piedmont Annual Fund engages a broad base of support from the college family--alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, volunteer leadership, and friends. Every gift counts toward the ambitious campaign goal, and every supporter serves as a partner with Central Piedmont in Powering a Stronger Future.

$1 million

  • Central Piedmont Annual Fund