Campaign Purpose

For over 50 years, Central Piedmont Community College has been a powerful force for opportunity and growth in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region.

Today, as the region faces the challenges of preparing economically-mobile, successful citizens and preparing the workforce required by business and industry, the mission of Central Piedmont is more relevant than ever.

To respond to the current and projected needs of its students and the community, the college has embarked on the most ambitious comprehensive fundraising campaign in its history. Powering a Stronger Future is a $40,000,000 initiative that reinforces and extends the power of a Central Piedmont education to transform lives and strengthen the economic and social fabric of the region.  

Students and community, not bricks and mortar, are at the core of Powering a Stronger Future. The campaign equips students to realize their full potential as individuals to upwardly mobilize their families and contribute to their communities.
As the region focuses on a shared vision of opportunity, inclusion, upward mobility, and economic growth, Central Piedmont is a focal point of discussions, plans, and solutions. Expectations are high. Your support of this campaign positions the college to be the resource needed by the community at this important time.

The $40,000,000 goal of Powering a Stronger Future is indeed bold. The needs of students and the community demand bold action--they deserve nothing less. Support for the campaign demonstrates a belief in the power of education to transform lives and communities.