Advertising + Graphic Design Portfolio Show

35 days left
35 days left
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Who We Are
We are the Advertising and Graphic Design Fall 2020 class planning to execute a portfolio show website. Our program is built to teach us all areas of graphic design, and our class is representative of the many different routes one can take through this career path. We are a team that has worked together throughout our time during this program. We've overcome the struggles of transitioning from normal class teaching to online learning during a pandemic. We've also used our skills to create for good. The A+GD Fall 2020 is a talented group of students who show discipline, dedication, and hard work.

The Project
This year, because of the pandemic, we've moved our portfolio show completely online to maintain safety measures and to keep everyone safe. Our show will be an online picture show highlighting the work we've each created individually and as a team. It will also allow us to introduce ourselves and explain our goals and interests. Our goal is to reach potential employers and allow us to showcase our work professionally.

The Impact
Our show is meant to highlight our skills and work and present our work in a professional and creative
manner. Our team has been working hard over the course of the program, learning new skills and processes that will further our careers in the graphic design industry. We want to display our dedication to potential employers and fulfill our goal of taking the next step.

What Donations Will Do
To present a professional-quality web portfolio filled with our best work, we'll need some help. We want to ensure that our work is delivered to employers on par with today's standards. It will demonstrate to potential employers our seriousness in our goals, design skills, and standards. The fees for promoting the website across multiple social media platforms through sponsored posts are $150. Hiring a professional videographer to record and edit videos of our work will cost $650. We will need $200 to fund promotional posters and personal invitations to promote our show.

How You Can Help
Help us reach our goal! Please click the Give button above to donate now. We appreciate any help you can provide to allow us to present our work to future employers. Our team is a hard working, dedicated team who are committed to becoming the best we can be. Your contribution would further our path achieving our goal of entering the workforce as designers.