Advertising + Graphic Design Portfolio Show

21 days left
21 days left
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Who We Are
The Advertising + Graphic Design program at Central Piedmont prepares students to be the next creative leaders in the Charlotte community. Our portfolio class is made up of nine students, and we are excited to share our experiences and show you what we are capable of as designers.

Students from the advertising and graphic design fall portfolio classThe Project
We will host our Fall 2019 portfolio show at a local venue in December of 2019. This show will be a culmination of the work we have completed as graphic design students, allowing us to showcase the knowledge and skills we have gained.

The Impact
This show will give us the opportunity to promote our work to industry professionals and other potential employers. It is the best way for us to demonstrate our capabilities and will likely lead to future employment within our community and beyond. This is also a great way for us to celebrate our completion of the program with our friends and family while also giving back to the A+GD program.

What Donations Will Do
Our class is responsible for planning and executing this event from start to finish. We have each made personal investments; however, there are still many expenses involved in putting together a professional event. Your donations will help us cover practical costs including venue, furniture rentals, catering, printing, marketing, and portfolio presentation.

How You Can Help
We hope you will consider making a donation to our fundraising efforts. Your generous contribution will help us host an extraordinary event that will celebrate our accomplishments and open up future opportunities. Click the button above to donate to our show.