Architectural Technology

34 days left
34 days left
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Who We Are
We are the Central Piedmont Architectural Technology AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students). This organization serves to advance leadership, design, and service among architecture students.

American Institute of Architecture StudentsThe Project
The goal of this project is to help the students of Architectural Technology at Central Piedmont by raising funds to support student organization activities and to purchase architectural modeling supplies. In architecture school, students build models as part of their coursework. These models can be study models, models of a building detail, or a final presentation model. Architectural modeling is an historic and relevant craft that serves students well as they move into the practice of architecture.

The Impact
By having a wide variety of much-needed architecture modeling materials, the students will be able not only to complete their assigned projects successfully but to enhance the work presented and develop an understanding of the craft of architectural model making.

Model making in Central Piedmont classWhat Donations Will Do
The money provided will be used to fund the purchase modeling supplies, such as cardboard, foamboard, chipboard, acrylic sheets, balsa and bass wood, modeling clay, glue, X-Acto blades, and Dremel tool kits. This would be enough supplies to last for a year for both our Central and Harper Archicutural Technology campus locations! Additional funds raised will be used to support ongoing student organization activities such as fields trip to architectural sites and events with local architecture professionals.

How You Can Helparchitecture students in Washington DC
We invite you to make a contribution to support architecture students at Central Piedmont. Please click the Give button above to donate now. We appreciate donations of all sizes and understand that all donations will add up to achieve our goal. Thank you for the impact you are having on our Architectural Technology students.