Model UN

41 days left
41 days left
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Who We Are
The Model United Nations Club (MUN) is a student organization at Central Piedmont Community College. Our group explores global topics through the perspective of United Nations member countries. At conferences students roleplay delegates to the United Nations, and they brainstorm possible solutions and reach resolutions of the world's most pressing issues. They learn diplomacy, teamwork, and leadership as well as develop research, public speaking, and writing skills.

Harvard Model UN Conference 2017 Closing CeremonyThe Project
The Central Piedmont MUN is raising money to offset the cost of participation in the Harvard National Model United Nations 2020 and the Southern Regional Model UN Conferences. We are excited to prepare for Harvard National MUN Conference. The conference will be held in downtown Boston in February 2020. It will host over 2,000 delegates from 60 countries. The Southern Regional MUN 2020 will have the theme "Forging Connections: Building a Community Among States Through Diplomacy." It will be held here in Charlotte in March 2020.

The Impact
Involvement in MUN Club and the two MUN conferences in 2020 serves to:
- Create cultural sensitivity by exposing students to new cultures and international issues
- Empower communities by providing space for students, faculty and staff to connect and discuss international diplomacy
- Broaden both national and international perspectives through the opportunity to travel and connect with other delegations and by developing an understanding of the United Nations and Member States roles
- Establish Central Piedmont as a place of excellent education and service with the development of research, writing and public speaking skills through a lens of global awareness

Central Piedmont Model UN Club in May 2019What Donations Will Do
MUN Club is raising a total of $8,000 to cover the expenses for the two conferences. Our goal is that this Project Funder campaign will cover $3,000 of that. The club members are also raising funds through offline activities. Funds raised will cover the expenses of 6 to 8 students and faculty to participate in the conferences. Detailed expenses include:
- Conference expenses (registration and delegates fee)
- Travel expenses (airfare and hotel)
- Student and Faculty meals
- Local Transportation

How You Can Help
Every dollar counts! Your donation in any amount will make it that much easier for our students to attend this enriching experience. Click the Give button above to make your gift now. You can also help by supporting our local fundraising activities on campus that we are doing twice a month.