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Who We Are
The Phoenix Challenge is a club dedicated to raising awareness about the Flexographic Printing Industry by allowing clubs from different colleges around the US to compete against each other using the skills and knowledge we have gained throughout the year in our Flexography program. Its intent is to teach students how to solve an industry-related issue by showcasing our skills in research, design, troubleshooting, and print production.

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Flexographic printing is a method of printing large orders of labels or cartons at high speeds. The process involves transferring ink onto a substrate using flexible printing plates mounted onto rotating cylinders. Flexographic printing is in high demand because of its versatile and high-quality production.

The Project
The prompt issued to each college's Phoenix Challenge Club was to find a small business with fewer than one-hundred employees, a non-profit, or a school department and to rebrand it by creating three package print products. Students are challenged to re-create their clients' brand using no more than four print stations, or colors, per package.

The Impact
Ultimately, the goal for being a member of the Phoenix Challenge Team is to gain experience and knowledge in the printing industry before graduating into the workforce. Our competition is judged by top industry professionals in our field, allowing us to meet them personally and have one-on-one interactions with them. This lets us get our names and faces known, hopefully helping in the near future with procuring a job after graduation. We get to learn how to work with other individuals, clients, and get first hand experience running a Flexographic printing press.

Students of Central Piedmont Phoenix Challenge ClubWhat Donations Will Do
Your donation will help us with our travel, lodging, transportation, and supply costs in order for us to be able to attend this once in a lifetime opportunity. This opportunity provides much needed knowledge to peruse careers in this industry.

How You Can Help
We ask that you would make a donation to support our project by clicking the green Give button above. We appreciate every gift. Thank you for your belief in our mission. Once you donate, please share our project, not only to help our financial situation for this year, but to help our club be better prepared in the future.