Future Respiratory Therapists

21 days left
21 days left

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Who We Are
We are members of the Future Respiratory Therapists club at CPCC and students from the Respiratory Therapy program. Future Respiratory Therapists promotes awareness of the profession and encourages membership in the national professional organization, American Association for Respiratory Care. Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) are specialists in the treatment of all aspects of the lungs and respiratory system and are utilized in many ways to optimize the health of patients. While in the program, we spend much of our time in area hospitals learning through hands-on training.

The Project
a group of respiratory therapy students pose behind a display tableOur goal is to raise money to assist second-year students with the cost associated with preparations for taking licensing exams to become RRTs. A respiratory therapy specialist will come to teach board exam prep classes to assist students in studying for the licensing exams. These classes cost $250 per student. Proceeds from this project will alleviate the financial burden to students.

The Impact
We want to ease the financial burden on students to help reduce the stress often associated with preparing for licensing exams. Students will be able to put their personal financial resources toward the exam fees and will not need to worry about finding additional funds for prep classes. 

students practice intubation with a dummy
Call To Action
We are asking for a small donation to help us make an investment in our future by offsetting the cost of exam prep classes. We appreciate your generosity. With your help, we will succeed. Please click the green Give button above to make your donation.