England, Wales & Ireland Study Abroad

34 days left
34 days left
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Who We Are
We are the organizers and students planning to study abroad in England, Ireland, and Wales during May of 2020. Our trip will allow students from Central Piedmont to access a unique learning opportunity. We're extremely excited to provide these students a path to global education.

students visiting sites during study abroadThe Project
The goal of our project is to raise money to assist students with the cost of studying abroad. Although studying abroad offers many benefits for students, these trips are often cost prohibitive. The goal of our project is to raise enough funds to offset the financial burden for the students who want to travel with us.

The Impact
Students who study abroad access many benefits, including experience, communication skills, increased confidence, and, according to some studies, increased chances of employment after graduation. However, not all students are able to access these opportunities equally. By reducing the financial burden of our trip, we will allow a wider variety of students to access the educational benefits of traveling and studying outside of the United States.

What Donation Will Do
All of the money being raised will go to cover the expenses of students officially enrolled in the study abroad trip to England, Ireland, and Wales during May of 2020. Students in need of financial assistance with the trip have identified themselves to us, and funds will be divided among those students. To fully fund all student travelers, we Central Piedmont study abroad studentswould need far more than our project is asking for, but any amount will allow us to offset the cost and will benefit students. Any funds in excess of our goal will be distributed as explained above.

How You Can Help
We invite you to make a contribution to support our study abroad student. Please click the Give button above to donate now. We appreciate donations of all sizes, and we know that small donations will add up and allow us to achieve our goal. Thank you for the impact you make on students' lives.